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AI behavioral biometric cybersecurity:

Artificial intelligence cybersecurity company Cyleron has announced the launch of its continuous authentication and behavioral biometric machine learning software platform, CyleronCentry.

Detailed behavioral biometric profiles are created for each individual user by CyleronCentry, based on keyboard data processed by advanced deep neural network techniques. This makes its end-user authentication continuous, highly specific to the individual, and accurate, according to the announcement. Administrators or system security professionals are immediately notified by their chosen method when an anomaly is detected.

“CyleronCentry’s artificial intelligence enhanced detection capabilities makes it a valuable and formidable addition to a company’s cybersecurity arsenal. By continuously authenticating users with their unique behavioral footprint, CyleronCentry forever changes the traditional password authentication landscape,” says Cyleron Inc. CEO Susan Rebner.

Forcepoint has predicted new attack techniques like “SIM swaps” will drive adoption of ai behavioral biometric cybersecurity and Allied Market Research predicted early this year that the market for behavioral biometrics will grow by over 23 percent CAGR to nearly $4 billion by 2025, as long as cybersecurity budgets are adequately funded.

Originally posted on BioMetric Update