The AI software firm Cyleron has launched a new behavioral biometrics security solution designed for corporate customers. Dubbed CyleronCentry, the new platform uses keyboard biometrics and machine learning to build a user profile based on the typing habits of an employee.

That profile can then be used as a template to provide ongoing passive authentication. If it seems like someone else is sitting at the keyboard, CyleronCentry will alert the system’s administrator to trigger a more thorough investigation.

“CyleronCentry’s enhanced detection capabilities with keyboard biometrics and machine learning make it a valuable and formidable addition to a company’s cybersecurity arsenal,” said Cyleron CEO Susan Rebner. “By continuously authenticating users with their unique behavioral footprint, CyleronCentry forever changes the traditional password authentication landscape.”

Like other biometric authentication solutions, CyleronCentry offers password-free security that reduces the threat of a breach due to lost or stolen authentication credentials. Cyleron is one of several players active in the space, which includes other keyboard biometrics specialists like TypingDNA in addition to more all-encompassing platforms like BioCatch.

Cyleron is pushing CyleronCentry as a modern cybersecurity alternative. The company argues that passwords have become obsolete, especially when it comes to high-level enterprise security.

Originally posted on FindBiometrics)