Software Solutions

If you are responsible for your company’s cybersecurity contact us for a 30 minute product demo of our industry changing artificial intelligence software.


Coming Soon: CyleronCentry™ continuous user authentication & behavioral biometrics can shut down a workstation remotely if the system detects a breach. Faster detection means a faster lockout blocking thieves from precious data saving your company millions.


Coming Soon: CyleronCanopy is a Security Operations Center Stratification System (SOCSS) for prioritizing anomalous behavior within an organization’s digital landscape. The software solution leverages advanced machine learning techniques and presents an intuitive traffic-lighting based administrative interface. CyleronCanopy is capable of handling enormous data streams in real-time, boasts world-class encryption, supports detection sensitivity tuning, and is highly accurate at scale. The platform precisely delineates the varying degrees of threat-risk potential so that cybersecurity analysts and system administrators know where to allocate their precious time and effort(s).


Coming Soon: CyleronCapture is a deep learning enabled anti-phishing software platform. The technology precisely understands a user’s email ecosystem by way of white lists, black lists, URLs, attachments, senders, recipients, subjects, greetings used, conclusions, words commonly used, specific phrases, contacts, etc., all of which are fed into the deep neural network. The software ultimately creates a unique email blueprint for the specific user and quarantines any potential anomalies prior to delivery into the email inbox.