Retail Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Cybersecurity breaches are nearly a daily occurrence in the retail industry. Passwords are incredibly vulnerable to hackers who are already aided by personal consumer information which is readily available on social media platforms. The way in which customers type and scroll on their computer can be as unique as their facial features or even fingerprints. To combat retail fraud, merchants are tracking physical movements as customers use websites and various applications. Continuous user authentication technology leveraging behavioral biometrics can identify true customers from fraudulent ones and therefore mitigate cyber-attacks.

About CyleronCentry

Companies are under continuous digital assault by cybercriminals seeking to exploit any and all possible weaknesses whether in hardware, software, or end-user behavior. Unfortunately, the vast majority of data breaches are due to weak or stolen authentication credentials. The concept of the password for system authentication is inherently flawed and outdated. Passwords can often be guessed, revealed from brute force techniques, stolen, shared, phished, etc. CyleronCentry is the next generation of end-user authentication and is continuous, highly specific to the individual, and accurate.

CyleronCentry Patented Technology Traits

• Advanced deep learning technology
• Keyboard and mouse dynamics (flight time, typing pattern, etc.)
• True/False match response instantly
• Matches user activity against their own behavioral profile

What CyleronCentry Offers / Benefits:

• True continuous user authentication in real-time
• Recognizes the user’s true identity instantly
• High accuracy rate with low false positives
• Integrates easily with applications, including other cyber software products
• Invisible to the user, no user or business disruption
• Automatically scales as your business grows

Key Benefits for Retail Services

• Rapid deployment
Deploy CyleronCentry quickly and without business disruption.

• Customer convenience and protection
Strong authentication via behavioral, biometric and other factor types, provides customers with enhanced levels of cybersecurity protection.

• Fraud Protection
CyleronCentry provides continuous user authentication to lower financial services fraud and theft risk across systems.

• Protects Digital Identity
CyleronCentry protects digital identity while providing a seamless experience.